Death of Marilyn Monroe: why her niece blames the father of the actress

In the columns of MirrorFriday August 5, the paternal niece of Marilyn Monroe confided in the rejection that the star suffered from her real father, and on the possibility of having had a better life, if things had been different.

Sixty years ago that Marilyn Monroe is dead, on August 4, at the age of only 36, and this, in still mysterious circumstances. Despite his disappearance, the former sex symbol continues to fascinate, for his appearance, but also for his story. Behind the smile displayed by the star in front of the lens and the cameras, many sufferings were hiding, starting with that of not having really known his biological father, a certain Charles Stanley Gifford.

Interviewed, Friday August 5 in the columns of Mirror, Marilyn Monroe’s 76-year-old paternal niece Francine and manager of an insurance agency, felt that her aunt “could have had a normal, happy family life, but also support” if her father “did the right thing” officially recognizing it. “Thinking about it, I think his life would have been better,” she told our British colleagues. As a reminder, the American icon had learned the identity of his real father before he died and Twice tried to contact him, to no avail. She had even traveled to him so she could talk and bond with him, only to be rejected each time.

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A star who could have had a totally different life?

“I know she had problems [Marilyn Monroe luttait contre la dépression et les addictions, notamment aux barbituriques, NDLR], but she was caring, loving and had always wanted her father. She wanted to be accepted.” assured the niece of the star, who considered the latter as the opposite of a “pretentious blonde”. “She was smart because her father, my grandfather, was very smart,” affirmed Francine, convinced that “His life would have been different if he had taken her in” in his life. “And who knows, she could have still been with us today”she added wistfully.

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