Death of the Spanish influencer Elena Huelva: died at only 20 years of age from cancer

This is very sad news that reaches us from Spain. After years of battling illness, Spanish influencer Elena Huelva passed away on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. She was just 20 years old. It’s certain Instagram, where the young woman had just under a million subscribersthat the family of Elena Huelva communicated this terrible announcement.

Since this morning, Elena has been dancing and watching us from her star. thank you for everything“, announced her relatives in a short message published on the social network. For years, more than four years precisely, Elena Huelva shared her painful daily life against the disease. She was suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma, a bone tumor This is how she won the sympathy of Internet users who regularly send her strength in her courageous fight against this pathology. A year ago, she notably published a book on this subject entitled Mis ganas ganan which could be translated as My desires prevail in French.

A disappearance that moves Spain

The day before her disappearance, the young Spanish influencer had given her news through a message on her social networks that was both positive and alarmist about her state of health: Today, I didn’t wake up in the best of shape and even, in fact, very scared. These last few days have been very difficult, and are becoming more and more complicated. But as you know I’m stronger and tougher than that. I want you to know that I already won, a long time agoshe explained.

This death moved the web and quickly crossed the borders of Spain as the young woman had become a face of those who fight the disease. This was particularly the case of the actress of the cult series One, back, very, Beatriz Lungo. “Nelson Mandela said that what counts in life is not the simple fact of having lived but to live in order to be able to inspire others. Elena gave us inspiration for twenty more lives. Wherever you are, keep dancing and smiling. This news broke my soul. These are things I don’t understand“, she commented on the announcement of this news.