Death of Véronique Barrault (Les Bronzés are skiing) on ​​a motorcycle

Actress Véronique Barrault died in a road accident at the age of 64. Famous for her supporting roles and quirky characters, she notably embodied Coquillette in the Splendid troupe.

Lowering the curtain in the form of a drama for Véronique Barrault. In information revealed by South West, the actress has tragically lost his life on the night of Tuesday May 3 to Wednesday May 4, in Gironde. A passenger on a motorcycle, she was hit by a car around 10:45 p.m. in the town of Camblanes-et-Meynac south of Bordeaux. Hospitalized, she would not have survived the terrible collision, unlike the driver of the motorcycle.

Véronique Barrault, actress of Le Splendid and face of French cinema

Revealed to the general public for its appearance in 1979 in the cult film Les Bronzés go skiing by Patrice Leconte – she plays the role of Jérôme’s nurse – she is above all a café-théâtre actress. With the Splendid troupe at the Café de la Gare, of course, where she played Coquillette alongside Christian Clavier, Marie-Anne Chazel and Christian Clavier. Discreet on the big screen, Véronique Barrault nevertheless maintained precious friendships throughout her career, such as with Josiane Balaskowhich will make her play in his films as My life is hell (1991) or even the cult Cursed grass (1994).

Iconic despite herself – some of her lines with Alain Chabat have become cult -, Véronique Barrault has built a career in her image, discreet but long-term. In parallel with his cinematographic parentheses, under the direction of Didier Bourdon, Valérie Lemercier or Eric Lartigau in give me your hand in particular, she shared her passion for the boards as a director and artist coach, as revealed the School of Humor and Performing Arts: “She is one of the few actresses to work all the time, playing constantly in Parisian theaters, and then going on tour on the roads of France..”

His abrupt disappearance is a loss for the performing arts. Sad farewell to actress Véronique Barrault, eternal “Coquillette”…