“Death threats”: attacked after taking a stand, Hugo Clement gives a rant

Thursday July 7, on Twitter, Hugo Clément revealed to be the target of “death threats and hate messages” after he tweeted about the cruelty of slaughter without stunning. But not enough to silence him, on the contrary.

He is accustomed. Committed to animal protection, to the protection of the environment, among other battles he leads, Hugo Clément is regularly the target of criticism. And his last tweet did not fail to arouse controversy. On Wednesday July 6, the companion of Alexandra Rosenfeld shared a publication from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation denouncing the ritual slaughter of Eid. “Annual reminder that slaughter without stunning, which consists in slaughtering an animal in full awareness, is a cruel practice already prohibited in several countries”he wrote on his Twitter account, adding: “No belief can justify such abuse.” Since then, Hugo Clément has received death threats and hate messages.

Hugo Clement threatened: I will continue to do so without hesitation”

For the past few hours, I have been receiving a lot of death threats and hate messages. simply for recalling the scientifically demonstrated cruelty of ritual slaughter without stunning”lamented Hugo Clément, still on Twitter, far from giving in to threats: I will continue to do so without hesitation. It’s a matter of consistency.”

And, to those who accuse him of Islamophobia, he reminded that he was fighting against all forms of animal violence. “For many, to oppose ritual slaughter is to be ‘Islamophobic’. What a shame to think like this. All year round, animal rights activists mobilize on 1000 subjects: bullfighting, intensive breeding, cruelty, industrial fishing, “classic” slaughterhouses. There is no reason not to fight a practice that adds unnecessary suffering on the pretext that it is done in the name of beliefs”he defended.

Hugo Clément concluded on a positive note: Thank you for your messages of support, infinitely more numerous than the haters. The fight goes on !” And he is determined to win.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/des-menaces-de-mort-attaque-apres-une-prise-de-position-hugo-clement-pousse-un-coup-de-gueule-733288