Debanhi Escobar: Untouchable raises its voice for the disappeared during concert (VIDEO)

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- In a concert he gave at the Dome Care of Monterreythe group Untouchable dedicated one of his songs to missing women and victims of femicide, among which is Debanhi Escobarwhose body was found in a motel.

The group that boasted sold out, dedicated a moment of the show to the victims of femicide and remembered Debanhi Escobar Y Maria Fernandavictims in Nuevo León.

While images of marches for women and images of the disappeared were projected, among which was that of Debanhi and María Fernanda, Intocable sang to remember them, since it is a problem that is becoming more serious every day in Mexicowhich they also questioned.

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The theme with which they raised their voices to say: not one more is “Day 730”from Wilfran Castillo that Intocable recorded for the album Highwayfrom 2016, and this time they paid tribute to Debanhi Escobar and María Fernanda, two young victims of femicide.

“New Leon Awareness”He says Ricardo Munozlead singer of Intocable before interpreting the heartbreaking theme.

Necessity, charity, overcoming or vanity, convinced that she was going to return… that she lived in Monterrey she forgot… they say that day she went straight to heaven, that there was no sun even for half a photo, that the last one who heard her was a deaf , the last one who looked at her was a blind man”, says the lyrics of the song.

Intocable clarified that the group is also in mourning, due to the non-stop femicides. Photo of the concert at the Domo Care in Monterrey. Photo: Special.

And although for her mother she is still alive… she has been missing for years… a world that lies to us and no one noticed and no one ever saw, they become invisible and disappear”, continues the lyrics of the song dedicated to Debanhi.

In the end, Ricardo Muñoz stated that like Nuevo León, the group is also in mourning for this situation.

I know that we are in mourning here in Nuevo León, I am not very aware of what has happened, but it is a pity, right? Imagine, for simply being a woman, taking care of yourself even more, it’s difficult, right? Hopefully all that problem will be fixed, soon, really. Let something be done, let justice be done, let something be done,” said Ricardo Muñoz.

Marches were held to demand justice for the murder of Debanhi Escobar. Photo: Special.

All the girls who come in a group, come together and return together”, was the message that Intocable launched in their first concert of two in that city.

Debahni was last caught on the road because her friends abandoned her. Photo: Special.

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