Débora Hallal, Universal Mexicana 2021, tells how to look elegant with ripped jeans

Deborah Hallalmodel and mexican beauty queen who represented our country in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, has dazzled with her radiant beauty and elegant style when dressing The casual outfits They are not the exception, to which she gives a sophisticated touch, as we can see in the publications that she shares on social networks.

Her followers have also been able to verify it in the public presentations in which she appears, also representing her role as current queen of Universal Mexican, designated by Lupita Jones last year, since the competition could not be held on that occasion, although Débora Hallal had participated in the previous ceremony.

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The woman from Sinaloa, as always, always looks beautiful and on trend, so when you saw Broken jeansdoes it with a glamor very prominent that avoids looking frumpy, which can happen if this garment is not worn with poise and femininity. Débora Hallal of course, she combines a balance of classic garments with these modern denim pants, thus creating a very chic style in your wardrobe.

She applies the rule that says that to wear the fashion of ripped jeans with elegance, it is better to opt for more formal blouses or jackets, but always wearing clothes with a youthful touch to take advantage of the freshness that ripped jeans already bring with them.

In a recent publication, for example, we see the current Universal Mexican wearing some baggy ripped jeans, that combines with a orange top and tennis, cowboy hat and loose hair; casual attire since he is going horseback riding.

On other occasions, Débora Hallal has given her outfits another type of finish; more formally. We have seen him combining them with white jacket and also tennis, to look comfortable but formal. Or combining tighter ripped jeans with a white crop top and sneakers, which give it a feminine and glamorous look.

About to deliver the Mexicana Universal crown, Débora Hallal tells how to look elegant with ripped jeans

About to hand over the Mexicana Universal crown, Débora Hallal tells how to look elegant with ripped jeans. PHOTO: Special – Instagram

At the moment, the Mexican is supporting the candidates of this year’s Mexicana Universal contest, which will be held in mid-May in San Luis Potosi, where the girls are already gathered and it is that recently the concentration officially began, in which Débora Hallal will pass the crown to the winner.

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