decision of how long he would be in Spain with his children, according to media

After she surprised with a moving New Year’s message that some interpreted as a taunt against Gerard Piqué, Shakira adjusts the plans for what is the new life with her children.

The interpreter of ‘Monotonía’ has encountered some doubts about her family life that have forced her to modify the projects she had to leave Barcelona, ​​where she lived with her ex-partner.

In the midst of pending business issues with the father of the Spaniard, among other complications to be resolved, the Barranquillera would have had to change what she had planned.

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Shakira: decision of how long she would be in Spain with her children, according to media

The health of William Mebarak became a situation for which the Colombian singer preferred to postpone her move to Miami (United States), according to information from the journalist Laura Fa who replied to El Nacional de Cataluña.

The communicator of the ‘Sálvame’ program indicated that Shakira “will be expected at the end of the course [de sus hijos] to move”, so the date he calculates is June 22, when the minors finish their studies.

A few days ago it was rumored that Sasha and Milan, sons of the artist and Gerard Piqué, would share a school in the United States with those of another famous person, although for now the matter has been postponed.

Shakira’s father’s health is a complication that has entangled her plans in recent weeks to move with the minors to Miami, a situation that would lead to the decision.

This was the publication that the Barranquillera made a few months ago, where she showed how she supports her father in the midst of the delicate state of the 91-year-old man.