Delisa Francisco will represent the DR in Colombia, in the International Coffee Reign

Delisa Francis is the new representative of the Dominican Republic, for the Reina Internacional del Café contest, which will be held in the city of Manizales in Colombia next January, within the framework of the Manizales Fair, considered the largest fair in America.

The reign of coffee is famous for its ambiguity and popularity, this 2022 the 50th edition is celebrated and the Dominican Republic already has 3 crowns in its history, 1981 Milagros German, 1996 Candy Lara and 2011 Sofinel Báez.

Delisa Francis is a model and entrepreneur born and raised in Nagua and who has lived in New York City for some years where she runs her own company, Gorg Brows and Beauty.

The beautiful Dominican has been preparing for the competition for approximately six months, one of her mentors being the renowned Venezuelan Gisselle Reyes, who was one of the teachers of our Miss Universe Amelia Vega.

“I seek to bring the name of my country to the highest, while I fully enjoy this experience that from the beginning of my preparation has been so rewarding, open to the opportunities and doors that this new adventure will open for me, I consider myself an empathetic person , hard-working and determined, important strengths to achieve goals in life” explains Delisa.

From January 1 to 8, the final of the reign will be held on the 7th at the Teatro los Fundadores, and is organized by the Institute of Culture and Tourism of Manizales. This year, 25 candidates from countries such as Spain, Thailand and Mexico will participate. During their stay, the candidates will be part of activities such as the Parade of Nations where the candidates will walk in floats each wearing the typical costume of their country, delivery of keys for the city ​​authorities, as well as visits to different national parks in the area.

The winner will be the ambassador of Colombian coffee in the world and one of the prizes is a set of emerald jewels.

In the Dominican Republic, the pageant franchise is owned by the Miss organization. Mundo Dominicana for more than 20 years, which is directed by the distinguished international designer Diany Mota.