Delphine Jubillar in love with another man: her ploy to leave Cédric

Before disappearing under still mysterious circumstances, Delphine Jubillar had already planned to leave her husband. For good reason, not only did she already have an affair with her lover – native Montauban – but she already had many projects in mind with the latter. For good reason, as pointed out Marianne in its columns, Thursday, January 5, the Cagnacoise nurse had already planned her separation with Cedric.

Indeed, as the nurse’s lover, Jean (assumed name) confided to the judges during his hearing, Delphine Jubillar had urged her husband Cédric to finish the work of the house. A subject that was source of many conflicts between them. “Delphine Jubillar never considered continuing her life with Cédric, even with the works“, had assured this man. Thus, if she had asked Cédric to continue the work, the latter had assured that it was only for “sell better” the house. And so leaving it to start a new life as a divorced woman, and loving mother of two children.

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Delphine Jubillar was ready to leave Cédric

Last July, Le Figaro revealed extensive details about the contentious relationship between Delphine Jubillar with her husband. In the months preceding his terrible disappearance, some of their relatives had witnessed various quarrels. “JI’m going to cross me and leave you in your shit“, had even sent Delphine to Cedric Jubillardetermined to break up her marriage.

For good reason, as also pointed out to our colleagues Maître Battikh, the nurse’s aunt and uncle’s lawyer, Delphine had already pointed the “bad habits” of the father of the family. To this, and always according to the comments reported by relatives of Delphine, Cedric constantly belittled her on a daily basis. He even repeated to her that her job as a nurse was “shit job“. Reproaches that did not please the mother of the family…

Currently imprisoned in the Seysses remand center, Cédric Jubillar – the main suspect in Delphine’s disappearance – remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

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