Delphine Wespiser attracted to women? The TPMP columnist confides!

For several weeks, Delphine Wespiser has been absent from the antenna of Do not touch My TV. The viewers of C8, worried, are convinced that there is a relationship with the comments made by the columnist about Marine Le Pen, and the enormous controversy they have caused… As a reminder, the former Miss France had said the presidential candidate was “a mother of the French”. Revealing, half-word, his intention to vote, in stride. Once Emmanuel Macron re-elected, the young woman had come to the set of Cyril Hanouna, to explain herself with her little comrades. And especially with Matthieu Delormeau, who compared him to Dieudonné! And the two had had a violent altercation around the table of the troublemaker of the PAF. Regarding his sudden disappearance, don’t panic, it’s for a good reason. As she confided, on May 13, in a video, posted on her Instagram account.

Delphine Wespiser attracted to women?

“Friends, I am very happy to see you very soon on TPMP. For now, if I’m not there, it’s just because I’m in Fort Boyard and suddenly, I can’t duplicate myself! I’ve been in Fort Boyard for a while now, I haven’t posted too many photos, but I’ve been there for almost a week and a half already. found Delphine Wespiser. The opportunity for her to find her comrade, Valérie Benaïm! As a reminder, the two columnists had amazed Internet users during a sequence on the show. ” If I were a man, I would say to Delphine: life without you seems dull to me, Delphine, when you’re by my side, I feel like I can conquer the world, never let go of my hand, in your gaze I can move on, I love you, I beg you, stay with me for life”, declared Valérie to Delphine, during a challenge organized by Cyril Hanouna. In reaction, the ex-beauty queen had… Kissed her friend, on the mouth!

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A surprising sequence which had marked the viewers of Do not touch My TV. So, during a question and answer session, a subscriber asked a burning question… And a little indiscreet! On Instagram, the follower of the ex-Miss France, asked: “If you are no longer with your boyfriend, are you going to turn to women? ». A question that many Internet users had… So, Delphine Wespiser took her phone to answer, once and for all, these crazy allegations. “That was a little joke, I love boys too much”she replied, silencing the rumors about her.