Delphine Wespiser has found love again: the ex-Miss France is already making revelations about her new intimate life

Tuesday January 17, 2023, Delphine Wespiser was invited to the microphone of Nutri Radio. Separated from Roger Erhart since the start of the school year, it was then that she found love again that the ex-Miss France made revelations about her new intimate life.

She is no longer a heart to take… Tuesday January 17, 2023, Delphine Wespiser was invited to the microphone of Nutri Radio. Discreet about her love life since her breakup with Roger Erhart, the ex-Miss France revealed that she had found love again. On the occasion of a show devoted to hugs, she confided: “I was not cuddly before and I became cuddly cuddly. What’s amazing is that my first two darlings were always telling me ‘you’re not tactile enough, you’re not cuddly enough, you don’t like hugs, you don’t like kisses’. Today, I am completely the opposite. There are also things in life that make you evolve.” When the host asked her if her new companion complained that she was too tactile with him, the pretty brunette slipped: “Exactly. That’s quite right !

Tuesday, September 27, 2022, it was on Instagram that Delphine Wespiser announced her breakup with Roger Erhart. In all transparency, the ex-Miss France had confided: “Because it was him and because it was her. Seven years ago we met in the colorful night. He showed me the light, the one that fills his heart. Together, we have lived, traveled, dreamed, built. We loved each other, we shared and we crossed the mountains, together, always together. I wish you all to live a story like the one my beautiful star gave me by making me meet my solar love.“With emotion, the young woman had added:”A love story against all odds that will embrace my heart and soul forever. Thank you, thank you for everything. I wish you from the bottom of my heart the best for the continuation of the path where I will never be far. Ciao Amore.

Delphine Wespiser: “You don’t choose when two kindred spirits meet”

A few months before their breakup, the young woman had mentioned the mockery in connection with their age difference in the Women of TV podcast. “It was difficult to take on. We don’t choose when two soul mates meet, we don’t choose the age. So, yeah, it might look weird on paper. Even there when we say 26 years apart, I say to myself, it’s abused, but you see us together, there is no problem“, she said. A little later, Delphine Wespiser added: “When I told my parents, my mother had picked up. She asked me how old he was. I was 24, and Roger didn’t look his age. My mother thought he was 40. I told him that he was actually 50 years old. So 26 years apart. It’s like that. It took time in my family.