Delphine Wespiser reveals a rare photo of her mother, Internet users are under the spell!

The fact of having put forward his political convictions had drawn the wrath of Delphine Wespiser. The former beauty queen had indeed publicly displayed her support for Marine Le Pen. This had had a huge impact on his daily life. In addition to having been suspended from Touche not at my post, the pretty brunette had also suffered numerous threats on social networks. Enough to encourage him to step aside until the elections are over. What could be better for her than to recharge her batteries with her family members to bounce back from this bad patch? She has also made a big decision that will not fail to delight her fans.

A return to basics hailed by internet users

Delphine Wespiser had for the occasion shared a photo in which she poses with her mother. A great first because her fans had used to see her in the company of Roger. This former beauty queen had therefore gone to her family to spend the weekend. A getaway that was obviously all benefits for her given the broad smile on her lips. A joy shared by the one to whom she owes her life. Internet users could not help but react positively to this publication.

Many have welcomed the fact that Delphine Wespiser spends such privileged moments in the company of his family. She should in any case return today to the Touche plateau not at my post with Bernard Montiel.