Delphine Wespiser topless, her daring photo ignites Internet users!

Delphine Wespiser had recently debated the right of women to show themselves bare-chested in public. The young woman then argued that she did not understand why this right was exclusively reserved for men. She then protested that she would be the first to do it if society ever accepted it. For the moment, we are still a long way off. This did not prevent Cyril Hanouna from suggesting that he do it on the show. We must believe that she therefore listened to the advice of her boss with one difference. It was through one of the photos she posted on Instagram that she did.

Delphine Wespiser removes the top in the hammam

This new photo of Delphine Wespiser in which she poses topless in a hammam had provoked a lot of reactions on the social network. The fans were indeed many to have posted comments in the appendix of its publication. As if that weren’t enough, a shower of likes also fell on this one-of-a-kind shot. Internet users who were no less than 31,000 to have pressed the thumbs up as a sign of solidarity with regard to the pretty brunette.

Delphine Wespiser topless in the hammam

All these reactions had shown how popular Delphine Wespiser is within her community. The number of its subscribers continues to increase every day. Enough to motivate her to show originality in her various publications. It is therefore normal to see Internet users already impatiently waiting for their next photo.