Demi Moore: At loggerheads with ex-husband Ashton Kutcher?

They were an example of how age doesn’t matter in love: in 2003 it sparked Demi Moore and the 16 year younger Ashton Kutcher. The two married in 2005 and were happy together for a long time – until Moore announced the separation in 2011. Reports followed about an alleged infidelity of her then still husband. The following year, Moore’s addiction problems became known after she was admitted to the emergency room because of a seizure. In 2013, the actress filed for divorce after treatment in rehab. After his nerve-wracking separation, the ex-couple is said to have tried to be friendly. Now, however, a tabloid is spreading the rumor that Moore is anything but good with Kutcher at the moment.

Is Kutcher planning to publish his memoir?

Woman’s Day claims the ‘Two and a Half Men’ star is considering writing his memoir. And Moore is said not to be happy about it. She herself published a book about her life called Inside Out: A Memoir in 2019, but worries her ex-husband might unpack about her failed marriage as he looks back on his life and tell his side of the story .

“Demi was way too nice to Ashton in her own book, even though he allegedly cheated on her and broke her heart,” the tabloid quoted an alleged source as saying. “And she’ll expect him to do the same. Ashton is obsessed with technology, so if he writes a memoir, it won’t just be a book.”