Demi Moore celebrates the 67th birthday of her ex-husband Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore at the 49th Emmy Awards. (Los Angeles, September 14, 1997.) Abaca

Divorced but still as accomplices. For the 67and birthday of Bruce Willis, the actress posted on her Instagram account a photo of her and the father of her daughters, accompanied by a sweet message. And morels.

“Happy birthday, Bruce!” Saturday March 19, Bruce Willis celebrated his 67th birthday: the opportunity for Demi Moore to celebrate the year of more than her former husband. On instagram, the 59-year-old actress posted a photo of herself and the actor holding a tray full of morels. Both smiling, they seem ready to prepare the meal.

Demi Moore celebrates Bruce Willis’ 67th birthday Screenshot Instagram/@demimore

To accompany this shot, Demi Moore wrote in caption: “Happy birthday, Bruce! Grateful for our blended family.” In response to this message, the actor bet on humor by wishing a happy birthday to himself in the comments. The ex-spouses have also received many comments from their friends, such as that of the wife of Tom Hanks and actress Rita Wilson or producer Marlene King.

In video, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, divorced but still inseparable

“I really like him a lot”

Divorced in 2000, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore seem to have a good relationship. In response to the actress’ photo, Emma Heming, the actor’s new wife, commented with two small hearts. On her Instagram account, she also posted a video montage with many photos of her, her husband and their daughters Mabel Ray (9) and Evelyn Penn (7).

As a caption, the 43-year-old mother writes: “I don’t just like him, I really like him a lot.” In front of the sunset at the beach, at the restaurant or during a fishing trip, it seems that the couple lives the perfect love.