Demi Moore disfigured by cosmetic surgery, her fans are begging her to stop!

The face that Demi Moore had put forward in a photo recently posted on Instagram had not failed to react to her fans. The actress had indeed clearly abused cosmetic surgery. So much so that she is unrecognizable. We have to believe that this quest for eternal youth in which she had embarked with Madonna did not have the expected result. This only made matters worse considering the totally transformed shape of her face. Internet users have in this sense let go in the comments in order to make him listen to reason. It remains to be seen whether she will listen carefully to these remarks.

Demi Moore called to order by her fans

Present in Paris on the occasion of a fashion show organized by the Chloé brand, Demi Moore had published this photo that had made so much talk on Instagram. She thus appeared with much fuller lips than they were originally. Which clearly shows the fact that she performed hyaluronic acid injections. This is not all since the former companion of Bruce Willis also had the face rejuvenated by several decades. Not a single wrinkle is visible in this photo.

Internet users agreed to repeat to Demi Moore that any excess was illness. Currently in her sixties, she had therefore been begged by her fans not to look like Madonna. So many sobering words for this iconic Hollywood icon.