Denis Brogniart, “psychopathic” dad: what he forbids his children

As he celebrates his 55th birthday, this Sunday, June 12, the energetic Denis Brogniart shared his daily life. The TF1 host confided that he and his little family slowed down (but not too much) on Sundays.

Hyperactive on stage, Denis Brogniart is also hyperactive in everyday life. On the occasion of his 55th birthday, the host shared his daily life… well filled, with our colleagues from Sunday newspaper, this June 12th. And the least we can say is that the adage “the world belongs to those who get up early” suits him perfectly. By his own admission, Denis Brogniart never liked sleeping in. And Sunday’s is no exception. He says indeed stay in bed sometimes until … 8 hours.

Early riser at heart, Denis Brogniart even calls himself a “psychopath” saying that he forbids his three daughters, the twins Lili and Violette, 17, and the youngest Blanche, 15, to get up after 10 a.m. on Sunday.

A Sunday led drum beating

Running, cycling, swimming, occupations abound for Denis Brogniart who is really not the type to spend his Sunday afternoon at the bottom of his sofa. Habits dictated by a principle of life imagined with his wife, Hortense: “We tell ourselves that to deserve to do nothing in the afternoon you need an active Sunday morning.” On the program for the morning, run with his dog Lucie, a border collie, take a bike ride in the Chevreuse valley or swim in Paris.

On the return from this morning placed under the sign of sport, place at the family lunch for which his eldest son, Dimitri, 22 years old, made the trip. Straddling the schedules, the attentive dad does not hesitate to check that his daughters do not have it “cheated” when they wake up. Family moments that he particularly cherishes: “It’s an absolute pleasure to be all together at the table. We are almost six adults now, the discussions are livelier.”

On the professional side, Denis Brogniart does not spare his energy either: Koh Lantawhose final of the 23rd edition begins this Tuesday, June 14, The Mag of the Eurofor the Women’s Football Euro in July, or even ninja warrior. At the same time, the jack-of-all-trades of TF1 is currently working on her second novel, which promises to be very personal: “I imagine a meeting with my father who disappeared thirty years ago.”

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Photo credits: Marc Ausset Lacroix / Bestimage