Denis Brogniart reveals what he does when he is not with the adventurers! You won’t come back!

A crazy job for Denis Brogniart

Koh-Lanta fans know that the star of the show is not the host, but the concept. The cameras are on the adventurers who do their best to survive for several days. And if Denis Brogniart is very appreciated, we only see him during the tests (to present and arbitrate them) and during the council (to reveal the name of the eliminated candidate). The rest of the time, since the cameras are focused on the adventurers, we don’t know what the host is doing.

One would think that he stays all day in a superb hotel room and that he waits to be called to present the tests of comfort and immunity. But this is not the case, as he explains to journalists from the Aufeminin site:

It’s 120 people Koh Lanta, it is an SME. It’s crazy work every day. I am one of those who hold the kite, who lead the boat. It’s constant work: how are we going to make this game, what do we add as an extra incident, don’t we put another game in its place. An event is tested the day before, and the morning itself, it takes a lot of time. And I am still here.

Denis Brogniart wants to be present with all the teams

Professional and concerned that his show goes as planned, he does not have a second’s respite, even when he is far from the candidates: ” I work a lot and I don’t want to leave anything to chance. I never work at the teleprompter, I write everything myself, that’s also part of the job for me. And then there is also the whole upstream production aspect in which I am very involved, the casting and concept meetings. And the preparation to be on top at the moment T, at the time of 5-4-3-2-1, we turn.

The great success of Koh-Lanta surely comes from there. He is not content to be an animator who reads cards. He embodies the program. We feel that he likes this show, and he does not hide it: “It’s a big liking Koh Lanta. You go to the end of the world in paradisiacal and lost places, and you build a super strong program. If you ask this question to the technicians, cameramen, journalists who work on it, we are unanimous. Each season I leave without asking myself the question.

The key to success: reinventing yourself?

For twenty years, Koh-Lanta has been the heyday of Europe’s leading channel. However, producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert, aware that we must not rest on her laurels, wishes to develop the program each year. Denis Brogniart knows this, and congratulates this desire to always move forward by offering new products to fans:

We never stopped at success. We could pat each other on the stomach saying ‘Oh have you seen we are good, we are great, look at the audiences.’ No. We, every year, try to invent something else, to do better. The proof with this cursed totem this season. And now with experience, I instinctively know when it’s going to work. If the candidates are surprised, the viewers will be too, and that’s what we want.”

These novelties are all risk-taking that sometimes does not pay off. The secret weapons, presented in the 2021 edition, did not convince viewers. The rules are considered obscure and the adventurers seemed almost as lost as the Internet users (see Vincent who betrays himself after an ordeal by revealing to have a secret weapon). But this year, viewers seem to appreciate the novelty of the cursed totem, this totem which is aimed at losers and which brings them a lot of trouble.

We can’t wait to find out what the next news will be since we suspect that Koh-Lanta will be back in a few months, with a brand new cast, but still Denis Brogniart at the presentation.