Denise Rosenthal returns to her Rebel days and records with Moderatto

16 years after the broadcasts ended, the phenomenon Rebel remains more relevant than ever. It not only impacted Mexicans, but also people from another country, as in the case of Chilean Denise Rosenthal.

Being a teenager, Denise followed the story, she fell in love with the Mexican project to the extent that, in 2009, she auditioned for the remake made by Chile, in which the actress also gave life to the character of Roberta.

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The soap opera had her own songs, however, the popularity of the Mexican group was so great that she hummed many hits from RBD, the group that emerged from that soap opera.

Now, at 31 years old, life gave him the opportunity to sing, along with Moderatto, one of the songs of the group created by producer Pedro Damián.

This heart It is the song where they unite their talents and that is already available on digital platforms.

“The moment I got into the recording studio was super melancholy, first because I knew that time flies, it’s been a long time since my performance in the soap opera; Suddenly, I realized that I had grown and evolved a lot throughout this path that I have traveled, I have forged my identity as a composer and performer.

“When I began to sing it, I felt deep gratitude for everything I have experienced, I did not have the melancholy of longing but quite the opposite, emotion for my evolution. I reach a point where I obviously culminate an evolutionary process, of growth, of personal, professional and artistic knowledge, ”said the singer-songwriter in an interview.

Thanks to the invitation and participation she had, the Chilean managed to connect with her inner child, she remembered the reason why she chose to be an artist, it even motivated her to find a new perspective on life.

According to Mick Marcy, from Moderatto, Denise had the creative freedom to adapt her part of the song, merge and experiment with new sounds.

The single is part of the Moderatto project that will end in an album, still without an official release date.

“When the opportunity to make this album came up, we immediately accepted because of the love we had for the songs; We were finding voices that could be added, voices that seemed strong to us, with an authority in the way they expressed themselves, “said Mick.

As for Denise’s projects, after five published albums, the Chilean winner of Gaviota de Oro and Plata at the 2020 Viña del Mar Festival is preparing her next material which, according to her description, will project an innovative and fresh concept.

For a few weeks, Denise walked away from social networks, worrying her fans; however, she explained on her return that she made this decision to focus on healing personally.

“I believe that human beings experience traumas and internal conflicts that we must solve, work on ourselves to be better people and to be able to live in a happier way. Social networks today expose us much more and it is important for me to face them with honesty, transparency, to be able to generate reflections, show my vulnerability because many times people believe that we are there and that nothing affects us, but it is not like that, we have conflicts too, that’s why I think it’s important to make it visible,” he said.