Denisse De Kalafe goes offline for the first time on May 10

Every year, Denisse de Kalafe becomes the musical protagonist of the celebrations for Mother’s Day in Mexico, which is commemorated on May 10. The success “Señora, Señora” sounds everywhere and the memes do not let the singer-songwriter rest.

But this 2022 is different. Denisse announced a few days ago that she would be completely offline on May 10, as she went on a spiritual retreat.

On his Facebook profile, he shared: “My dear fans, friends, admirers, followers, communicators, beloved friends, journalists, hosts, producers of TV programs, this year I will not be able to do a Live link on May 10 because I am in a Retreat. But very soon I will be with you with my voice and my songs! Happy day to all the moms!”

In 2021, Denisse did speak to the press. In an interview with the Hoy program, she shared her happiness because her song “Señora, Señora” was chosen for Mother’s Day.

“It is a song that belongs to all the mothers of Mexico, it fills me with joy that this day is a song of happiness. The memes that I receive, I count the days to arrive, I upload them all to my Facebook.”

It’s already 40 years of ‘Lady, lady’

The history of ‘Señora, Señora’ goes back to 1982. After a dinner at his house, he sat down at the piano and began to compose it. It is dedicated to her mother, who at that time lived in Brazil. The rest is history.