Denmark’s Nikolai bitter after being deprived of title: “It’s a strange feeling…”

A decision carefully considered by the queen. Last September, the Queen Margrethe II had announced that he wanted to withdraw the titles of the children of his second son, Joachim from Denmark. As a result, and since January 1, the prince nikolai (23 years old), the prince felix (20 years), Prince Henrik (13) and Princess Athena (10) were demoted to Earls and Countesses and can no longer represent the Crown at public events.

Recently, in a recent interview with the tabloid BTrelayed by the Danish media Bunte Wednesday, January 3, nikolaithe eldest son of Joachim from Denmark commented on this decision. “It’s a strange feeling and an experience I wish I didn’t havesaid the young man of 23 years. But now it’s like this“However, if he was called a prince for a long time, the now Comte de Monpezat then considered himself lucky to have had the honor of having this title.”For the rest of my life, I will be proud of the years during which I had the privilege of being prince of denmark“, he then added.

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Margrethe II wishes to find a united family

If the Queen’s decision to impeach the children of Joachim from Denmark caused a stir – and created some tension within the family – Queen Margrethe II would now like to strengthen family ties. At least that’s what she implied in her New Year’s speech.

The fact that the relationship with Prince Joachim and Princess Marie ran into difficulties hurts meshe had assured. We have now experienced a more peaceful and reflective time, and I’m sure the family can approach the new year with confidence, understanding and a new burst of courage.“If she had then evoked”difficulties and disagreements” which rage within the royal family, Margrethe II had taken care to conclude his speech by recalling that all his grandchildren were his “great joy“.

Photo credits: Royalportraits Europe/Bernard Rubsamen / Bestimage