Denmark’s Queen Margrethe revokes title: family “in shock”

Updated 9/30/2022 10:04 am

  • A big change is imminent in the Danish royal family.
  • Prince Joachim, his wife and children lose their titles.
  • After the announcement, the family is “in shock”.

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The Danish royal family is currently causing a stir. Queen Margrethe II has revoked the titles of her youngest son Prince Joachim, his wife and their children. Accordingly, from next year they will no longer be able to call themselves princes or princesses. The two are to be called Count and Countess of Monpezat in the future.

The children of the two also have to get used to new forms of address. From the beginning of next year, Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik and Princess Athena may no longer be addressed as prince or princess, but only with “Excellency”.

“We are sad and in shock”

This step does not appear to have been agreed with those affected. This is how Countess Alexandra von Frederiksborg, mother of the princes Nikolai and Felix and divorced wife of Prince Joachim, spoke to the Danish newspaper “BT” taken by surprise “We are sad and in shock,” she quoted the newspaper as saying. The statement should also be coordinated with those affected.

The newspaper also quotes: “The children feel left out. They cannot understand why their identities are being taken away from them.” Wildenrath Løvgreen’s press officer Helle also stressed that the Countess was too affected by the royal family’s announcement to say more at this time.

Did Prince Joachim know about this?

According to a spokeswoman for the royal family, however, Prince Joachim has known since May 5 that his children’s titles would change. “The decision developed gradually, but Prince Joachim was always involved and informed,” she explains. “But of course I understand that it’s difficult.”

However, “BT” also reports that the royal family has been working since 2018 to systematically reduce Prince Joachim’s influence. The court was allegedly dissolved and both his secretary and the lady-in-waiting were dismissed by his current wife, Princess Marie.

The Royal experts have different opinions

In the royal family’s official statement, everything sounds completely different: “With her decision, Her Majesty the Queen wants to create the framework for the four grandchildren to be able to organize their lives themselves to a much greater extent, without being restricted by the special considerations and obligations which entails formal membership of royalty as an institution.” It goes on to say that the change is “in line with similar adjustments made by other royal houses”.

According to the Royal expert at “Berlingske”, Jakob Steen Olsen, the decision should be “interpreted in the sense of the desire for a slimmer royal family in the future”. The changes are to be understood as Queen Margrethe’s desire to “reform the royal family and make it future-proof”.

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Expert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen described the move as “dramatic”. But it was also “a big and important decision when it comes to securing the future popularity of the royal family,” he declares “Ekstra Bladet”. “It’s a general European trend because royal houses have gotten so big.”
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