Derbez’s irreverent response to AMLO for the Mayan Train

The comedian criticized the cancellation of the meeting that Obrador scheduled with celebrities and environmental groups to explain the construction of the project.

Sense of humor or excessive sarcasm? It is the doubt that has left the response that Eugenio Derbez sent to the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador after he canceled the meeting with celebrities and environmental groups to explain the construction of the project.

The meeting was scheduled for last Monday at the National Palace. However, it was canceled less than 24 hours after the meeting; This is how Eugenio exposed it in a video that has caused controversy due to the way in which the comedian addressed the president of that country.

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“I receive them on Monday, we are going to agree during the day to inform them. I invite them, I’m not going to have an advisor, that’s why I want them to be there and for me to explain them and after they receive all the information, I’m going to give them a document. Afterwards, let them speak out and let their advisers express themselves freely, but I want to talk to them,” said the president at the usual morning press conference on April 22, which took place that day in the eastern state of Veracruz. .

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The lawsuit between these two personalities was revived with said cancellation. So Derbez accused López Obrador of telling lies to cancel the meeting with those who oppose the construction of the section of the Mayan Train that goes from Tulum to Playa del Carmen.

“They canceled us 24 hours before the meeting, arguing that the members of this movement had said that we were not going to attend, which is false. The only one who said that he was not going to attend was me, ”clarified the actor. “You don’t have to lie because if they lie then they’re not going to believe that they’re not going to knock down any trees or destroy any cenote,” Derbez said through a video that he posted on his Instagram account.

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“I have been filming a movie for two months, I have a contract with a North American studio, and this date has been set aside for two or three months, and I cannot be in Mexico City today because I am filming.

“Physically it was impossible for me to attend, I was the only one of the 70 or more than 70 singers, artists, specialists, for work reasons. I also argued that I thought it was not a good idea because it was better to meet there and with the experts, but my number one reason is because I had to work, it was not a whim”, assured Eugenio.

The sarcasm

In the midst of the controversy, the CODA actor dared to say that AMLO canceled the meeting because what he really wanted was to take a picture with him.

“But that they have canceled the meeting for this reason alone, well… If what the president wanted was a photo with me, I would have gone to the National Palace, happy with life. I go personally, I take the photo, I do the voice of Lonje Moco, whom he imitated saying “it was horrible, it was horrible”

And he continued: “I do the Hey me no: Hey me no, they canceled us with 24 hours left. The environmentalists had already paid for their plane ticket to go to Mexico City, listen to me no”.

To close his interpretations he said: “I make a joke about Armando Hoyos. “If López is a “worker” is it because he ate a lot of fiber? I wonder”. Whatever you want, really, I’m happy with life”

Finally he said “If what they wanted was to live together, I’m happy to live together, I love the meeting, but it was ugly that they canceled us, because I’m working, they are work issues, not for anything else,” he emphasized.

The Mayan Train is a priority project for López Obrador that, with an investment of around 200,000 million pesos (about 9,300 million dollars), plans to build about 1,554 kilometers of railway in five states in the southeast of the country: Chiapas, Tabasco , Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.