Designer Jacquemus and Nike join forces

Now the bomb has burst: the French designer Jacquemus and the sports brand Nike are cooperating and launching a new collection.

the essentials in brief

  • It’s true! The designer Jacquemus and the sports brand Nike cooperate.
  • On Instagram, the two announce their new collection.

Fashion fans can rejoice! The rumor of a cooperation has come true. French designer Jacquemus is collaborating with Nike on a new collection.

On Instagram, the two brands shared an image of a tennis court between the two logos. The fashion line promises sporty lightness and sensuality. “If one day I enter into a cooperation, it will be with Nike,” the designer told Vogue.

For Nike, it’s the first special collaboration of the year. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the excitement for further projects remains high. Nike’s Vice President of Catalyst Apparel Design says in the official media release: “We always try to work with partners who offer something that we as a brand don’t have.”

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