Details you should know about the sequel to ‘Through my window’ – New Woman

Once ‘Through my window’ captivated in different countries after its premiere on Netflix, its faithful audience did not hesitate to put pressure so that its filmmakers could give continuity to this youthful romantic story that was written by Ariana Godoy and that was already very popular in downloads on the Wattpad application.

That is why, just 15 days after the unstoppable success that it had after its premiere, it was being announced that it would not only have a second part, instead, they would concentrate on making a trilogy that would give it the original meaning of this novel, which in the following chapters is responsible for presenting the love stories of the handsome Hidalgo brothers. With this, the followers were not only happy, but also sighed, because these boys have become the sexiest and worthy of following in their footsteps.

However, it was also known that for this second part it is very likely that both Raquel like Ares continue to be the protagonists of this story which had an uncertain and unfavorable ending for those who wanted to see them happily together.

What you should know about the sequel to ‘Through My Window’

In the first part of ‘Through my window’, It was possible to see how this couple of lovers did everything possible to consolidate their love and once they achieved it, eventualities continued to happen that did not allow them to continue their romance, that’s why It is very likely that this new installment is aimed at developing a better destiny for both and in the background it would show what will happen to the two handsome brothers of Ares.

And although since the announcement of the extension of this film nothing had been mentioned, It was not until now that the public was able to learn that this April 28, Netflix will reveal important details of what is coming. Immediately, the fans thought that it would be a surprise premiere, but apparently it is very soon, so it is most likely that it is the release of the official trailer or the revelation of the official date of the premiere of the sequel to this production that has become a youth phenomenon on Netflix.

In the official social networks of ‘Through my window’ this information was revealed that immediately stirred up social networks to the point of turning them into a trend Well, it is something that everyone has been waiting for since last February 4, which was when this plot had its long-awaited launch on the streaming platform.

And it is that for many, this production has been a total success because It is the first time that the fans of this novel by Godoy knew the faces of these characters who captivated them through the passion, feeling and frustrations and joys of their relationship. it’s bound to not be, at least not that easy. So, for now, it remains to be seen what will happen on April 28, the date on which incredible news of this story that has become unforgettable is expected.