“Determines the rest of life”: Ozzy Osbourne is facing major surgery

“Determines the rest of life”
Ozzy Osbourne faces major surgery

Ozzy Osbourne’s health has been rock solid for some time. Now he also has to have an operation – possibly because of a quad accident not quite 20 years ago. His wife Sharon said it was a serious operation.

Once again, Ozzy Osbourne’s health is a concern. The 73-year-old will undergo “a very major operation” on Monday, his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne explained on the British TV show “The Talk”.

The operation will “really determine the rest of his life,” the 69-year-old emphasized that it was obviously anything but a routine operation. For her it is clear: “I have to be there.” At the weekend she will therefore fly from Great Britain to him in Los Angeles. Sharon Osbourne left open exactly what medical measure it is.

However, the former Black Sabbath singer himself had already spoken in May in an interview with “Classic Rock” magazine about a quad bike accident he suffered in 2003. Since then he has not been able to walk properly. “I’m just waiting for another operation on my neck. (…) I have physiotherapy every morning. I’m doing a little better, but not nearly as much as I would like,” said the singer.

Another daughter for Jack

The aftermath of the accident isn’t the only health issue Ozzy Osbourne is dealing with. In early January 2020, he announced that he had Parkinson’s disease. In April of this year he was also infected with the corona virus. “I’m really worried about Ozzy right now,” said Sharon Osbourne, but her husband’s Covid 19 disease seems to have been mild.

Luckily, there’s some good news for Sharon Osbourne too. Her son Jack Osbourne “is having a daughter in about three weeks,” she revealed on The Talk. It is the fourth child of the 36-year-old. Daughter Kelly Osbourne, on the other hand, is expecting children for the first time. The 37-year-old made her pregnancy public in May.

And then there’s a very special date that Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne celebrated on July 1st: their 40th wedding anniversary. The two have been married since 1982 and have three children.