Diana and her avant-garde style: The princess knew how to show her rebellion with pink Converse sneakers and mom jeans 36 years ago | People | Entertainment

Famous and loved by millions of people around the world, Princess Diana was an inspiration to many when choosing a outfits. The mother of William and Harry could dazzle her with any piece she chose, no matter how simple it was, and with exquisite taste she captivated both with formal looks, such as jeans and sneakers.

The outfits that the well-known “princess of the people” wore in her time, are a reference that remains in force in current fashion. It is no secret to anyone that her wardrobe was a cluster of bold pieces and avant-garde combinations that today are replicated by many celebrities.

His simple presence was enough to steal the glances on any outing, and in this way he managed to look casual or very sporty.

This was the trend of Princess Diana with pink Converse and mom jeans

Lady Di created her own rules, and even being the wife of the future king of England, she was able to show a modern and versatile style, creating outfits casual with which he had the ability to look amazing even wearing sneakers.

And in one photo, the princess looked lovely in 1986, when she attended a polo match in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, looking relaxed in mom jeans, a pink sweater and, most strikingly, a pair of sweet-colored Converse sneakers. pink, the classic All Star model, at a modest price of less than 60 dollars.

Without much effort, he imposed what 36 years later would be a trend when it comes to choosing a casual outfit to enjoy a day in the country. The press headlines highlighted his footwear, which combined perfectly with his sweatshirt in one color, which contrasted with a blue scarf navy printed with white figures.

Diana knew how to establish her own codes by imposing her original way of dressing, remembering that her Converse represented an icon of rebellion in the 70s after punk and rock bands incorporated them into their outfits.

To protect himself from the sun, he wore polarized brown sunglasses with which he made his appearance perfect for a day in contact with the greenery of nature.

Princess Diana loved sneakers, they were her favorite accessory for those occasions when she broke out of her elegant suits, not only when she was fulfilling her exercise routines, but also for her informal outings.

And today this brand created by the American Marquis Mills Converse, in the city of Malden, Massachusetts, is a piece worn by celebrities and any woman who prefers to live in fashion, always looking fresh and very youthful. (AND)

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