Diana Golden says that Alfredo Adame has been the most disgusting

Alfredo Adame He is one of the men in the entertainment world who has not ceased to be in the eye of the hurricane, since he was recently exhibited by his ex-partner, Diana Goldenwho he let go and said it was “the most disgusting” thing in his life.

Although the famous soap opera actor was surprised to be the winner of the reality show I’m famous, get me out of here! taking 1 million pesos to the bag, the truth is that he has a debt with his ex-partner whom he assured he will not pay, so Golden pulled out his nails and attacked him.

After winning the juicy sum in the controversial program, Alfredo Adame He had a meeting with the media, to whom he informed them that part of the prize will be donated to an association for children with cancer, but that he has no other pending payment.

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However, it did not take long to assure that Diana Golden will not give her anything, except a plane ticket to Colombia so that she goes to live there and does not return.

Before the harsh statements made by the number one enemy of the famous Ghostbusters Carlos Trejo, Diana gave her opinion before the million pesos that the former driver of Today.

“Let him take advantage of it (his prize) and pay what he owes. The amount he owes me plus the fines for not having paid is very stupid, so let him pay because I’m not the only one he owes me, I imagine,” said the actress before the cameras of the TV Azteca program. Windowing.

Diana Golden is released against Alfredo Adame, ‘the most disgusting’ of her life. Photo: Instagram

Let us remember that it was since the past 2018 that Diana initiated a legal process against Alfredo Adame for defamation, since he accused her of being a drug trafficker and her then mother-in-law called her a “prostitute”.

In 2021, Golden announced that the compensation he has to receive from Adame is 25,000 pesos, but that he only gave him 5,000 pesos that in the end he could not collect, so now he returned to the subject, assuring that it is something he should to do, it is not optional because that is how the authorities decreed it.

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On the other hand, Diana was upset because the press asked her about Adame, she attacked Ventaneando: “You don’t care what else happens to my life, the only thing that has happened in my life in this country is that guy, it’s The most disgusting thing that happened to me in my life. I have a whole life full of things. Why don’t you ask me what I’m doing? Why don’t you ask me what I’m going to do? They don’t care about anything else, several husbands have passed by afterwards.”

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