Diane Kruger finally reveals the first name of her 3-year-old daughter, an original choice

Marine Corviole


In 2018, Diane Kruger gave birth to her first child, a little girl whose first name remained secret for a long time. Till today.

It took three years to find out the name of Diane Kruger’s daughter. In a new interview with the magazinePeople » and unveiled on May 10, the German-American actress is promoting her new children’s book entitled « A Name From the Sky », which will be released on October 25. The opportunity was therefore ideal to finally decline the identity of his granddaughter, born of his love with the American actor Norman Reedus.

The couple chose to name their daughter Nova Tennessee. “I had it late in life, at 42, and [Norman] had a child when he was much younger”, explains Diane Kruger, who here refers to Mingus (22), whom Norman Reedus shares with his ex-girlfriend Helena Christensen. “’Nova’ in Latin means new beginning, and a nova star keeps changing and reborn. And we love Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains; we take motorcycle trips there.” In this interview, the actress even revealed the nicknames given to her little girl, namely “Noonoo” and “Neenee”.

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The “Inglourious Basterds” and “In The Fade” star said she was surprised how much she loves the name Nova. “I wanted to be a mom and I was sure I was going to like it, but just the magnitude of wanting to be there every second, not missing out,” she added. “There are so many things at my age, that you have done thousands of times, but you just have to see them again through his eyes. Whether it’s eating ice cream for the first time or seeing snow for the first time, there’s just something so refreshing and simple about it.”

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It has now been six years since Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus met on the set of the movie “Sky”. Since then, the two actors have formed a particularly discreet couple, who divide their time between New York and Georgia, where Norman Reedus is filming the series “The Walking Dead”.

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