Diane Leyre “cold” and “arrogant”? Her unvarnished response to criticism of her “Parisian” image

Saturday May 14, 50′ inside broadcast a report on the integration journey of Miss France. The opportunity for Diane Leyre to return to certain criticisms that may have been addressed to her.

Those who watched 50’inside Saturday, May 14 were able to see a whole report dedicated to the integration journey of Miss France. Among them, the current elected, Diane Leyre. Between two sequences of young women enjoying the pleasures of Saint-Martin, the camera captured a moment ofexchange of advice between the former beauty queens and the 2022 winner. Because like her predecessors, the young woman had to face criticism about her attitude. “What was difficult at first was the Parisian image that sticks to the skin »she first explained.

“We have a lot of clichés about Parisians. I arrived, I was 24 years old so inevitably, I had a precise speech on what I wanted. But we associated it with a kind of coldness and arrogance. Whereas I think it was a beautiful speech in a feminist, feminine period. You have to highlight that it’s really good for a woman to say “I want to do this or that”, without imposing any limits”she confided, surrounded by Amandine Petit, Vaimalama Chaves or even Cindy Fabre.

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The oldest of the Misses

Holidays supervised by the general manager of the France Committee, Sylvie Tellier. Diane is a leader, she always wants to participate in this kind of photo shoots. I don’t think she has much to learn. » An assurance that perhaps comes from his age: 24 years old. “It doesn’t make me happy, but I’m the oldest titleholder, the most wrinkled of all Miss that we never had. I am convinced thatAt 18, I wouldn’t have had the shoulders »she confided in Here last February. “Okay, I showed I could win this beauty contest, but I have a year to show you what’s behind it. »

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Photo credits: TF1

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