Diane Leyre reveals the reason why she broke a tooth during her trip to Guyana

By Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 27 Dec 2022 at 09:30

For Seven to Eight, Diane Leyre returned to the time she broke a tooth. And his anecdote is very funny.

If she left her crown in the locker room since December 17Diane Leyre will forever remain Miss France 2022. And one thing is certain, the beauty queen has had a few misadventures. In particular last July when she reveals on her social networks that she had an accident during a stay in Guyana. An incident that earned him to show a smile with one tooth missing… “ Truly, we’re at a disaster a day, it’s crazy. I had already broken it when I was younger, and it had been repaired. And bam! I broke my tooth biting too hard. Direction the dentist on returning to Paris to fix all that. But I keep smiling (broken). Fortunately, it doesn’t show too much except in close-up like here. But there, it’s a gift to make you laugh“, she revealed. The young woman had then given these few details without going any further. But now this Sunday, December 25 for seven to eight, she revealed the reason why she lost a tooth.

Diane Leyre: “I jumped on Alexia Laroche-Joubert”

It’s such a surreal scene that Diane Leyre will describe: A bat ran into my face! I got scared“, she begins by indicating. So, in order to be able to escape the beast, she makes a rather surprising decision. “I jumped on Alexia Laroche-Joubert, thinking she could protect me. And I broke my belt”. It is after this episode that the story of the tooth arrives. ” Wanting to fix my belt with my teeth, I broke my front tooth. It was very practical to go to an election, filmed and televised, with a broken tooth“. She finally waited until she returned to France to see a dentist. A crazy epic that certainly marked Alexia Laroche-Joubert.

From now on Diane Leyre will continue to officiate on the waves of Virgin Radio. But she would not have missed the coronation of Miss France 2023, Indira Ampiot, for anything in the world. Thereby, she wished him good luck.Your lucky star has brought you to the crown. You are a woman full of energy, will, good humor, charm… You knew how to seduce the French last night and I know that you will prove to them this year that they made the right choice. You are leaving for the greatest adventure of your life. Enjoy every moment, they are precious. You will learn so much from the French. Their love will be your greatest gift. I can’t wait to see you flourish this year… I’m already so proud of you. 7 years separate us but everything brings us together. You amaze me with your maturity. You are my little sister forever.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/303179-diane-leyre-revele-la-raison-pour-laquelle-elle-sest-cassee-une-dent-lors-de-son-voyage-en-guyane