Diane Leyre: this accident which almost caused Miss France 2022 to lose her sight

During a question-and-answer session with her subscribers, the pretty Diane Leyre answered a question about a scar above her eye that the finest observers had already noticed. Sylvie Tellier’s protege revealed the improbable origin of this mark, and confessed that she had a narrow escape…

On December 11, 2021, Diane Leyre, Miss Île-de-France 2021, was chosen to succeed Amandine Petit as Miss France. The one who will soon be celebrating her 25th birthday and who worked as a real estate agent, saw his destiny change overnight. The one whose dad had been skeptical about her participation in the competition began to chain shootings, broadcasts and meetings with the public.

A real whirlwind, but embraced with heart and good will, despite an initial feeling of imposture. From now on, Diane Leyre no longer asks herself any questions and claims to feel in its place as a beauty queen. On May 26, she was even able, dazzling, to climb the steps of Cannes despite a problem with her dress, which she despaired of a few hours before the event. Finally having a few precious minutes in his schedule as a ministerthe protege of Sylvie Tellier engaged in a question-and-answer session with its subscribersalways eager to know her better.

It has to be done !

They asked her about her studies, her gift for languages ​​- Diane is perfectly trilingual – and also wondered what Amandine Petit’s successor had to sacrifice to become Miss or her plans for the future… Questions to which she answered with frankness and humor.

A surfer with lynx eye also questioned her in a more personal way, about her gaze. “What have you done to your eye? I noticed you had a scar… “, Diane Leyre then posted a snapshot of her eyes in close-up, revealing indeed a small scar on one of his eyelids. She then explained: ” I’ve always been Miss Catastrophe, slipped on stairs when I was little, and fell on the corner of my brother’s PlayStation. Fortunately a few centimeters away I could have lost my sight” she confessed. From Miss disaster to Miss France, Diane Leyre has perfectly succeeded in her evolution!


Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/diane-leyre-cet-accident-qui-a-failli-faire-perdre-la-vue-a-miss-france-2022-731517