Did Brad Pitt hit Maddox? Angelina Jolie will sue the FBI for not filing charges against the actor in the altercation with her son on the private plane | People | Entertainment

American actress, Angelina Jolieis news again because it was learned that he will carry out a demand against him FBIafter they refused to accuse their former partner Brad Pitt, in an alleged altercation in 2016 that the actor had with his eldest son, Maddox.

According to witnesses who were at the time, they stated that the confrontation took place on the private plane, between the star of Hollywood and his teenage son, and that it escalated to the point that Pitt hit the boy, “intentionally or inadvertently.”

Passersby said the actor then he drove around the runway where they were, but then he came back and the family flew to The Angels.

Investigators acquitted Brad Pitt

The famous superstar, after these facts were made known, was being investigated in 2016 by the FBI and the social services of Los Angeles, but the accusations of abuse by the plaintiff did not prosper, since the officers found no evidence that Brad had committed child abuse against one of his sons.

Maddox Jolie Pitt testified against his father during the couple’s controversial divorce and child custody battle, offering a “not very flattering” take on the actor.

The legal process between Pitt-Jolie continues

As reported by the Daily Mail, the Judicial process it will apparently continue, as the anonymous complainant could be Angelina herself, making numerous requests for a copy of the department’s investigative file in hopes of “better understanding the FBI investigation and obtaining the information necessary for the children to receive medical care.” and trauma counseling.

These statements were confirmed by the plaintiff’s own lawyer, amanda kramerclaiming the lawsuit was filed anonymously to “preserve the family’s privacy.”

Although no formal lawsuit has yet been filed, the anonymous source requested to be allowed to pursue the case under the pseudonym Jane Doe. According to reports, Beryl Howellthe main judge of the Court of District of USAapproved that request this week. (AND)

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