Did Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo separate? This asserts a new version

Rumors of the separation between the actors Carmen VIllalobos and Sebastián Caicedo have circulated in the main media and social networks in the country, although they themselves have denied it on several occasions.

The two actors have said that they are separated due to their work commitments, since Villalobos is in Colombia and her husband is in the United States.

However, a new version would assume that the couple, who have been together for more than 10 years, would have already signed the divorce papers and that they would soon make it public.

The gossip show host I know everything, Ariel Osorio, was the one who assured in the most recent transmission that the couple signed the divorce about 20 days ago and that, everything seems to indicate, there is no turning back.

According to Osorio, The couple had initially taken time off, but then made the decision to “split the blankets” and separate altogether.

It is worth remembering that it was the same journalist who also reported that Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque had separated, which ended up being true.

Some of the couple’s followers have in fact assured that if the separation is true, then they would have to divorce at least four times.

These comments came as a result of what Villalobos said at some point in an Instagram post where he said that in addition to the wedding in Cartagenawhich many knew through their social networks, would also have been married three more times, one of them in Miami.

In 2020, she posted a picture on Instagram for their anniversary and shared that they had been married more than once.

“Thank God for this wonderful first year of marriage. I would choose you a thousand times, my love. These were the first photos we took of our first wedding in Miami last year. Sebas and I got married 4 times. We will tell you the whole story later,” she said.

It is known that they would have been married twice in Cartagena, once in the church and once on the beach, once in Cartagena and once more.

For now, the two actors have not ventured to confirm the rumors of their divorce. Villalobos recently shared a message that surprised his followers.

Through his Instagram stories and after singing a romantic vallenato he said: “Remember that the only person who will be with you all day of your life is yourself, so love yourself a lot, never forget it.””, the words seemed to many seemed a message of their separation.

Meanwhile, the most recent story of the actor apparently shows him in Bogotá with his family, where he also invited Colombians to go out and vote tomorrow during the presidential elections.

Despite the rumours, the actress is also going through a difficult situation

Villalobos narrated that he feels sad about something that happened to his pets. “One of my dogs, Capo, was very sick. He had to take him to the vet from the emergency room. and to top it off Freud and Mambo (the other pets) also got sick, so today I had a difficult day because I was recording all day and my mind was on it, ”said the actress.

Carmen Villalobos also explained that she felt the need to tell how bad she had it because of her pets’ illness, after a day of recording. “I’m telling you this because it’s also important to express what you feel, because if you don’t say what’s going on, then the people around you aren’t fortune tellers and they won’t know. Many people asked me what I had. And I: ‘My puppies are sick’. So, nothing, one day at a time.”

The actress mentioned that she trusts the treatment they received and hopes for the recovery of her pets; In addition, she indicated that “we all have a bad day, not everything is happiness”, but highlighted that she sends messages to infect her followers with happiness with her posts on social networks.