Did Caroline chase Charlene out of the palace?

The marriage contract between Prince Albert II and Charlène states that Caroline of Monaco does not want to meet the Princess

As reported, Prince Albert II (64) and his wife Charlène (44) have a tough marriage contract that makes it impossible for her to build a new life. Allegedly, Charlène still wants to live in Switzerland from now on. She has a budget of millions available for this, as long as she does not get divorced. For her nemesis Caroline, the prince’s sister, Charlène’s move would be a triumph. According to media reports, she always opposed the princess because she saw herself as the most suitable for the role.

Caroline never wants to meet her sister-in-law again

A clause in the marriage contract, which “Voici” has, shows how shattered the relationship between the two women is. It says that Caroline never wants to meet her sister-in-law Charlene again. Even during the Princess’s absence, Caroline had a great influence on Albert II and the children. Should Charlène decide to divorce after all, the children Jacques and Gabriella (7) would stay with Papa. He would get sole custody.