Did he cheat on her with a man? It is said that Gerard Piqué is bisexual and Shakira knew it

Mexico City.- For 2 years there had already been comments about the rupture of Shakira Y Gerard Piquédue to infidelity, and although today it is said that it is allegedly with the sister of a young soccer player, before there was a very strong rumor that the player also likes men.

The unexpected separation of both celebrities generated a wave of reactions among netizens, who have caused several rumors to emerge and begin to have some weight, since the 12 years they spent together is something that the public witnessed.

One of the new versions for which it is rumored and commented that the couple made the unfortunate decision to separate despite family life and the children they had in common points once again to the soccer player’s sexual orientation, and that is that recently A renowned astrologer declared on several occasions that she saw the end of the relationship, that the soccer player would provoke it, and that even the singer is aware of the bisexuality of whoever her boyfriend was.

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The snapshots were taken in June 2006, when Piqué was still a Manchester United player. Photo: Special.

Let us remember that everything started from the past 2019, when Mohni Seer predicted the separation of Pique and Shakira, but assured that the alleged infidelity would be on the part of the footballer and with a man.

Recently it was Internet users who revived the video that circulated again on social networks, where the Cuban is seen commenting that she saw that the defense in the FC Barcelona of the First Division of Spain He was dating someone else, but not exactly with the blonde that everyone points to as the third in discord.

It is said that Shakira always knew about her partner’s bisexuality. Photo: Special.

“I see Gerard Piqué dating a model who was an ex-girlfriend of his, it seems that she is Italian or French but also dating an Italian or French footballer. That’s right, Gerard Piqué declares himself bisexual in 2020 “, he expressed in the video.

He also assured that the jealousy that the singer showed him to have, as well as the supposed pre-menopause that he would go through, would be two of the most important factors that would make him get tired of her.

It was always rumored that Piqué had something to do with the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Photo: Special.

The prediction about the end of the relationship between the interpreter of “My hips don’t lie” and the soccer player was repeated in 2021, and although at that time people did not give it much importance, now is when followers of the Cuban have started to prove him right.

With the passage of time it can be seen that it seems to be a mixture of both predictions, since recently the photograph in which Shakira’s ex appears can be seen hugging the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a rather strange, even somewhat romantic way.

Let us remember that Mhoni had also mentioned it, because he commented that just before starting the relationship with the Colombian singer, the Catalan had been dating a man, so on that occasion he took the opportunity to return to that subject.

Piqué was always seen very close to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Photo: Special.

“Everyone is helping themselves with the children, I think that Piqué could no longer cope with the situation of Shakiraif she was so famous, that it would take her so many years”, and also added that the interpreter of “Waka waka” was aware of her partner’s sexual orientation, since she was dating an Italian soccer player when they met.

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