Did his daughter Adeline Norberg lie in court for him?


Adeline Norberg testified in court for her father Michael Wendler.

Now Michael Wendler (50) has also drawn his daughter into a legal dispute: the scandalous pop singer has been arguing with the music collecting society GEMA for years. Wendler believes that, as the alleged author of his songs, he is still entitled to 42,825 euros. However, GEMA has frozen the payments because there were “justified doubts about the entitlement to distribution”.

Every time one of his songs is played in clubs or at folk festivals, the company pays money to the author, but to this day it has not been clarified whether he is really responsible for all the songs. When Wendler released his first album, he was registered as the author with GEMA. At the same time as his bankruptcy, his wife at the time was suddenly named as the author. Particularly striking: When Claudia Norberg (52) filed for bankruptcy with her record company, the rights were transferred back to Wendler. The dispute is currently being carried out in court, where daughter Adeline Norberg (20) has taken sides for her father.