Did Kristal Silva resign from Tv Azteca? announces his new project

fans of the famous driver from Aztec TVKristal Silva, were very impressed with the announcement she made through her social networks, finally publishing a new solo project that has kept her very excited.

This time it is not a publication about your lifestyle or those nice outfits you wear, but the advertisement of a new stage of his career, his first attempt in the music industry releasing a song with Paul Monsar.

It is the first time that he releases record material, the musical theme is called “Como lo hayo yo”, joining forces with this artist which is considered a promise at the national level, so in the future we may hear more about it.

The composition was not made by the famous host of “Come Joy”but she was simply in charge of interpreting it, being the original song written and produced by Matisse and Carin Leon.

Some celebrities were commenting on this release, his driving partner Cynthia Rodriguez She was one of the first to listen to the song and to share it with her Instagram followers, widely recommending it.

This is how Kristal Silva once again managed to surprise her audience, making many Internet users wonder if she really moved away from the television cameras to dedicate herself to music, something that seems not to happen.

We believe that he did not give up his main job but that it is simply a new proposal to expand everything he does, perhaps looking at some point to dedicate a little more time to it, but for the moment it is his first test.

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