Did Leonardo DiCaprio (48 years old) succumb to a VERY famous (young) model?

Definitely, Leonardo DiCaprio makes all the women who have the misfortune to cross his path fall under his spell… The latest would be none other than the very famous model Gigi Hadid.

The rumor has been circulating for several weeks now. And it would’ve been vindicated. Gigi Hadid (27) and Leonardo DiCaprio (48) are currently living a romance. Does the couple surprise you? However, the two stars have not left each other for several weeks now. And Gigi Hadid would have entrusted to be “in love” from the actor titanic and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Gigi and Leo: glimpses around the world

Together, the actor and the model seem to be living a great story. And this, taking advantage of the different settings that the world has to offer. Indeed, they were seen in New York, for the first time, during Fashion Week, putting the flea in the ear to many curious. Shortly after, it was in Milan and then in Paris that they were seen together. Another clue? They stayed in the same Parisian palace. And because they never left each other, once back in the United States, the duo was spotted leaving a New York restaurant. And this time, for sure, it was a date“.

Gigi Hadid: she melts for Leonardo DiCaprio despite their age difference

Live happy, live hidden. This is certainly the motto of the recent couple since they do absolutely everything to avoid paparazzi and haven’t said anything official yet. But on November 21, a source confided that Gigi Hadid was delighted with this relationship. Gigi continues to hang out with Leo in New York. He’s very understanding that she’s a mom and works out his schedule to see her – that’s very sweetshe told People. The sister of Bella Hadid would therefore have already succumbed to the charm of the actor: “She is under the spell (…) Leo is a gentleman and he is quite romantic, but likes to keep things private between them”. A relationship that rolls, therefore.

As a reminder, Gigi Hadid has a 2-year-old child, Khaiborn of his past relationship with the young singer Zayn Malik, a former member of One Direction. For his part, Leonardo DiCaprio separated from Camila Morrone after four years of relationship, at the beginning of the summer of 2022. Previously, he dated a bunch of women from Bar Refaeli to Gisele Bündchen via Nina Agdal…

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