Did Luis Miguel abandon his daughter Michelle Salas?

Michelle Salas is the first daughter of Luis Miguel and despite the fact that they had a good relationship for a while, today they have little contact and this could be related to the fact that when she was a child, the singer would have abandoned her.

Although the story was never confirmed by its protagonists, media such as Terra, affirm that the Sun of Mexico did not see his daughter for eleven years, leaving her in charge of her mother Stephanie Salas and the reason would have Silvia Pinal, the main figure grandmother of the then girl.

The versions explain that the legendary actress put pressure on the interpreter to create a trust so that his heiress would have financial security and apparently he did not like this at all. On the other hand, it is stated that Marcela Basteri’s son wanted to protect Michelle from everything that was happening in her life at that time and that is why he moved away from her.

Although this story may have been true, it is true that Luis Miguel repeated the same story with the two children he had with Aracely Arámbula. Although while they were together, the artist posed for different magazines, affirming how happy he was, today both are separated and the protagonist of La Doña said several times that he does not see the children or fulfill his financial obligations.