Did Marc Anthony and model Nadia Ferreira get engaged?

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Since it became known that the singer Mark Anthony and the first runner-up of Miss Universe 2021, Nadia FerreraThey maintain a love relationship, the eyes of the show have been on them. And now, a recent announcement has caused a sensation among the press and the followers of the famous couple.

Marc Anthony, who had remained single since his divorce with Shannon from Lima In February 2017, or if he had affairs with other women, he kept it low-key, he surprised everyone when in March of this year he shared a photo next to the Paraguayan model Nadia Ferreira, who won second place in Miss Universe in December 2017. 2021.

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On that occasion, they both went out chatting together at a party with other people, but the Paraguayan commented on the photo with an emoji of hearts and the text: “Unforgettable night.” That same day, given the rumors that were generated, the same Puerto Rican singer posted a new image in which she was sitting on her legs, he was hugging her around the waist and her heads were together, while they both looked romantically and they smiled That was the confirmation that everyone was waiting for, but the Puerto Rican’s message was the icing on the cake: “May God multiply everything you wish for us.”

Since then they have been united in all the projects and trips that each one carries out, being Nadia’s birthday, on May 10, the last time they were seen together and that, presumably, would have served to get them engaged.

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The rumor was generated after users of social networks noticed that the model wore a ring on her left hand, on the same finger where the engagement ring usually goes.

And in the last hours a story posted by Nadia on her Instagram account fueled the rumors, it is an image where you can see her hand wearing a beautiful ring with a diamond and Marc’s hand on hers: “Engagament! partyyyy” (Engagement party) was the description of the snapshot.

So far neither of them has openly confirmed the news, but many believe that it would be their commitment to marry very soon. If he did, this would be the first time that she, 30 years younger than him, gets married and the fourth wedding for the singer.

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