Did María Fernanda Guzmán, ex-girlfriend of Christian Nodal cause his breakup with Belinda? – The Sun of Mexico

the end of the relationship from Belinda Y Christian Nodal It has become one of the most viral topics in recent days. The media and his fans have tried to find out the real reason for his separation, since around her various theories have been formed that until now neither of the two singers has confirmed.

It is said that everything got worse when Beli asked her then-partner for a loan to cover a debt with the Tax Administration Service. (SAT). in the show program ‘Gossip No Like’ ensured that the interpreter of ‘Toad’ I request you 4 million dollars, but Nodal’s accountants discovered that he only needed 500 thousand; this annoyed the singer and that’s why they broke up.

Is She was not the only one assumption, in recent days it was said that the mother of the exponent of ‘Bottle after bottle’, told Belinda to ask her to get away from her son, since I did not agree with the age difference, in addition, he reiterated that he had a very bright future in music, and he should not stop for no reason. But recently a couple of images were leaked that could speak of infidelity.

Was Nodal at his ex’s house?

In Twitter two photographs are circulating that could prove that Christian Nodal was at his home ex-girlfriend Maria Fernanda Guzman, a young woman who is away from the world of entertainment, but who has a great popularity in social networks because it currently has more than 300 thousand followers On Instagram.

This fact was analyzed in the program ‘window’, where it was explained that the photo was uploaded when Belinda was still Nodal’s girlfriend; while she went to U.S, he took the opportunity to go to the home of his former partner. In this way, it was commented that the interpreter of ‘They didn’t tell you wrong’ would have been the culprit of the breakup.

In the Twitter leaks it is said that Nodal is a very close friend from Ricardo Guzman, the brother of his previous girlfriend, so he visited him at home, living with Maria Fernanda. The photos appear to be taken for his ex-brother-in-law, and show Christian in an armchair with hands on face. Before these publications none of those involved has issued some statement.

Another speculation is that the singer spent the afternoon of February 14 with his ex-girlfriend María Fernanda; A video circulates on Instagram where it is presumed that the couple was having dinner in a restaurant very luxurious located in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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The post was shared last February 15, it can be seen that in the background there is two people eating, but the resolution is very low, so cannot be confirmed whether it is actually them or someone else, however, the recording that lasts 11 seconds already has more than 28 thousand reproductions.

Originally published in El Sol de Puebla