Did parents spit on his fiancee Annika?

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Did parents spit on his fiancee Annika?
There is war between Stups & Lutz and Ingo and his Annika © Screenshot/Youtube & Instagram/Ingonator

Ingo and his parents are currently having a public mud fight. The “daughter-in-law wanted” star accuses his parents of spitting on his fiancee. Stups and Lutz are now commenting on this.

Actually, it was once Stups and Lutz who wanted to find a partner for their clumsy son in “Tommy-law wanted”. Now there is war between the 31-year-old and his parents because of Ingo’s fiancé.

Annika and Ingo break off contact with his parents

It all started when Ingo accused his mother on Instagram of spitting on Annika. “For me, they have a wheel, to be honest,” says Annika in an interview with RTL, “It’s no longer worth discussing with them!”

And Ingo also seems to have finished with his parents. “If you don’t want to, you already have, and we’ll just look to our future together,” he makes clear. And Annika finds: “These are just old, unhappy people!”

Stups and Lutz defend themselves against the allegations

Annika was originally warmly welcomed into the family. “I had a good impression from day one,” says Stups. Lutz found his son’s girlfriend “down to earth” and Stups had the impression that the two went together “like a glove”.

But the harsh allegations are too much for the two. “I don’t know what got into him,” puzzles Stups. And referring to the spitting allegation, she adds: “It’s not true at all!” With tears she sums up: “I say it as a mother. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a son anymore!” Unfortunately, Ingo sees the situation in a similar way to his parents. After the argument, the “daughter-in-law wanted” star says: “I no longer have parents!” Sources used: Instagram/Ingonator, rtl.de