Did Pochers leave the Jacuzzi like this?

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Did Pochers leave the Jacuzzi like this?
Pietro Lombardi shows his completely dirty whirlpool. Did the Pochers leave the jacuzzi like this? © Instagram Pietro Lombardi

DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi is back in his luxury house after what feels like a year. But when they look into the whirlpool, the singer’s fans shudder: the 29-year-old’s jacuzzi is completely dirty. Did the Pochers leave the whirlpool like this?

Cologne – Because of the flood disaster, DSDS winner Pietro Lombardi (all DSDS news) moved to a hotel in mid-June 2021 and left his new 300 sqm luxury house with elevator in Cologne to Amira and Oliver Pocher. Oliver Pocher called him at the time: “I told him: ‘You go to my house, I’m going to the hotel’,” explained Sarah Engels’ ex at the time in a clip on Instagram.

Pietro Lombardi shows a completely dirty whirlpool: did Pochers leave him like that?

But now the fans of Katja Krasavice’s rap partner shudder: When Pietro shows his 2 million followers the jacuzzi on an outside tour, many DSDS fans should have been disgusted because: the singer’s jacuzzi is completely dirty. Did the Pochers leave the whirlpool that dirty?

Pietro's whirlpool just looks gross.
Pietro’s whirlpool just looks gross. © Instagram/Pietro Lombardi

We remember: Pietro Lombardi was finally allowed to move back into his house at the beginning of April after eight long months. Hardly there, the superstar went straight to the interior design. Perhaps the 2011 DSDS winner should have taken a closer look at his outdoor area first.

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Whether Oliver and Amira Pocher, who lived with their child in the luxury property, are responsible for the dirty whirlpool remained open. Ex-wife Sarah Engels also stood next to Pietro in the DSDS final in 2011. Now Alessio’s mother is returning to the singing show with Florian Silbereisen. In the second live show she sits on the jury of the RTL casting show. Sources used: instagram.com/pietrolombardi