Did Vania Bludau scratch Mario Irivarren’s face? This is the photo that reveals more aggression between the ex-partner | Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

mario irivarren He decided to break his silence again to defend himself against the strong accusations that his ex-partner Vania Bludau made against him, where he accuses him of being a physical abuser.

The former reality boy communicated via WhatsApp with the program Magaly Medina to deny once again having physically assaulted the former member of “Combat”. Likewise, she urged the model to show evidence if she continues to insist that she hanged her.

Again I strongly deny having hanged Vania, as she says. If she persists in claiming that, I hope she has evidence to prove it. Every story has two versions and I haven’t told mine because I don’t want to start a war of back and forth, but I’m not going to accept all of Vania’s statements either.”, reads the message sent by the young businessman.

More physical attacks:

Magaly Medina also revealed this Monday that in the conversations that mario irivarren delivered to its production, there is evidence of another episode of violence in which vania bludau would have been the aggressor.

There is an image where they argued, and in the midst of this frustration, from what we saw here in a photo, he says that a scratch shows because she slapped him”, told the ‘Urraca’ in his show program.

(Photo: Capture ATV)
(Photo: Capture ATV)

Given the stormy relationship they had, Medina considered that both Vania and Mario should seek professional help.

The two have had a very toxic relationship that should have ended a long time ago. He aggressive, according to her, and she aggressive, according to him, so they were going to end up killing each other. (…) Both must have therapy”, he narrowed down.


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