Did you do the same as with Shakira?

Shakira and Gerard Piqué they are going from one ‘Cold War’ to launch countless hints, this after the forceful song that the Colombian launched along with bizarrewhich quickly became a trend and is that its lyrics left very little to the imagination and launched darts directly at three characters, the soccer player, Clara Chia Marti Y Montserrat Bernabeuhis former mother-in-law.

From that moment, to Pique did not seem to like the theme at all, since since its launch it has been launching some ‘hints’ quite direct towards the letter, arriving with a Twingo to kings league and saying that he had an agreement with casio.

Shakira has not remained silent and has also done the same, building a wall to divide the space that joins his house with that of his in-laws and putting a witch on his balcony, in addition to come out to say hello his fans with a letter sweatshirt of his latest musical premiere.

Piqué shares his first photo with Clara Chía Martí and unleashes reactions

Gerard Piqué seems to be launching a new hint at Shakira, because despite the fact that it is speculated that his relationship with Clara Chía Martí has ​​been going on for a little over a year, since their romance became official he had not uploaded a photo with her, not until now.

The footballer chose upload a photograph with the young woman 23 yearssomething that has been unleashing reactions and comments of all kinds, such as “Not the slightest respect for their children”, “CLEARLY, you uploaded it because a rookie like you was burned by the song of the Wolf”, “It was time that you let us see your casio”, among many others where you can see a clear division between the support they give him and Shakira.

The look of Clara Chía and Piqué in the photo of her Instagram

Just like you ever did with Shakirawho proudly showed that she and the soccer player combined their looks and they dressed alike, looking at that time truly in love, so much so that it was even said that perhaps they had already married.

This time, Pique He just did the same with his current girlfriend, the employee of Kosmos, Clara Chia Marti. This was demonstrated with a new photograph that just uploaded to your official account instagramwhich I do not add no description.

In the image it is possible to see them in what appears to be a restaurant, while Clara Chia He poses in front, he approaches the young woman at the height of her neck, the most evident are his looks that, as he once did with Shakiraalso used the same color as Marti to go out on a date.

On the other hand, the style of Clara Chia it remains more than evident that it remains naturally, without a drop of makeup and hair that for many users looks unkempt and poorly groomedwith light waves and blonde flashes, just one hour after its publication, the post already accumulates more than 1 million of likes Y more than 100 thousand comments whose number continues to rise. Shakira will respond?