Did you know ? Émilie Tran Nguyen (C to you) is in a relationship with another journalist

Journalist Émilie Tran Nguyen celebrates her 37th birthday this Sunday, March 27. A birthday that falls on a weekend. A period “sacred” that she wants to share with her daughter Ava and her dad. The columnist of It’s up to you has been married since 2018 to Maxime Darquier, a journalist who works for another France 5 program, C Policy.

We imagine that it is in the family that the journalist Émilie Tran Nguyen had to celebrate her 37th birthday this Sunday, March 27. Because a year almost to the day before, in an interview with the magazine Shethe columnist who succeeded Maxime Switek in It’s up to you revealed that for her “the weekend is sacred”. “A time that I dedicate to my daughter, my family, my friends…”, she summarized. Because yes, the journalist is a mother. In December 2019, she gave birth to a baby girl named Avathe fruit of her marriage to another journalist. On July 5, 2018, during a discreet ceremony in Cassis Émilie Tran Nguyen married Maxime Darquier. The latter is not unknown to the public since he is journalist and columnist in the France 5 program C Policy. ” A year. And I didn’t see a minute go by. Endless Love. Joy of living by your side. The most beautiful person in the world. My madness, my inspiration, my oxygen, my world. Ours, forever »had written the bride on Instagram a year after their union, when she was pregnant with Ava.

Since the arrival of the little girl, the couple has been able to adapt while continuing to inform the French. “We help each other a lot: the months following Ava’s birth, I was very present because he was immersed in the making of a documentaryand, today, it is he who has more time on a daily basis »had explained the columnist of It’s up to you in the magazine She in March 2021. “The mental load, he has it as much as me! Corn everyone has their favorite jobs: me, traveling, organizing dinners with friends, trips to museums and Asian cuisine, because it’s a pleasure – it often consists of cooking everything in a wok! »she revealed in the interview spotted by Tele-Leisure. Before adding with a touch of humor: “On the other hand, all the administrative tasks, it is only him. »

Two journalists who do not work together

Maxime Darquier’s wife has set herself a rule: “Neither work nor screen as soon as I cross the threshold of the house. » A conception of family life which resembles like two drops of water that of his colleague from It’s up to you, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, who refrains from working all evening once she returns home. Ditto with the couple of journalists. “With my husband, we have a rule: when we get home, the cell phone stays in the bag or the coat pocket. I need this bubble to do my job well and it wouldn’t even occur to me to watch a political show at home. The only twist: the look at the front page of the daily newspapers before going to bed. At most a quarter of an hour, after which I fall asleep immediately.confided the journalist in March 2021.

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