Did you know ? Mehdi Nebbou (HPI) is a star in Germany

This Thursday, May 12, the phenomenon series HPI returns to the small screen for a second season. But if the fiction of TF1 revealed to the general public Mehdi Nebbou, the latter is a star across the Rhine.

The flamboyant and eccentric Morgane Alvaro returns to our screens this Thursday, May 12, on TF1. The consultant for the Lille DIPJ, played by Audrey Fleurot, is back for a second season which promises to be rich in twists and turns. Alongside the actressUntouchables, viewers will find comedian Mehdi Nebbou, in the guise of Commander Adam Karadec. During an interview for the buzz tv of tv-magazinethis Thursday, May 12, the actor returned to his career across the Rhine. If Mehdi Nebbou was revealed to the general public in France by the phenomenon series of TF1 – which was watched by 11.5 million viewers – he is first of all a star in Germany, the his mother’s country of origin. The 51-year-old actor, who lives in Berlin, began his career in Germany.

Mehdi Nebbou studied atBerlin film school and, before passing in front of the cameras, he will stay behind them for a while as a director. He thus has to his credit qfour short films and a documentary film. In 2005, his acting talents were noticed in the film sleeping waterdirected by the German Benjamin Heisenberg, and presented at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2007, the director’s brother, Safy Nebbou, received the Best Male Newcomer Award in Germany for his performance in Teresas Zimmer.

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Coveted by Hollywood

The doors of international cinema then opened to him and he was coveted by Hollywood. He thus played in Munich, of Steven Spielberg, state lies, of Ridley Scott or even in season 5 of the series Homeland. In 2021, Mehdi Nebbou even had the chance to work with his idol, Al Pacinoon the set of House of Gucci. In France, the actor appeared in The office of legends on Canal+ or in comedies Josephine rounds up and Gosh !

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