Didier Bourdon evokes a “more adventurous” third part

Didier Bourdon, in full promotion of The perfect manraised the idea of ​​a third part of the Three brothersthe cult comedy of the Unknowns.

“There is an idea, a third part of the three brothers”, in full promotion of Xavier Durringer’s film, The perfect manin theaters on June 22, Didier Bourdon drops this little sentence.

“It would be the last part, it would be The Three Grandfathers. We would cross out ‘brothers’ and we would put ‘grandfathers’.” This film would be “perhaps directed by Xavier Durringer”, he adds, specifying that “it’s an idea just like that, in the air “, and that the Unknowns, at the helm of the first two parts of the Three brotherswould not realize this time, “to be truly free from this constraint”.

“A more adventurous component”

“The third part would be a more adventurous part, we would leave France”, he adds finally.

“I think Bernard [Campan] and Pascal [Légitimus] are open to that”, he believes. In the meantime, the Unknowns are working on a feature film project under the leadership of Riad Sattouf, the author of The Arab of the futureof the Notebooks of Estherand director of beautiful kids and of Jacky in the kingdom of girls (in which Didier Bourdon played).

Two programs “at the end of the year” are also in the pipeline for the trio of comedians, around the genesis of their sketches. Didier Bourdon would also like to go back on stage with the Unknowns. But if Pascal Légitimus is “hot”, Bernard Campan is less so, explains Didier Bourdon.

The three brothers, released in 1995 attracted 6,897,098 spectators in theaters. Les Trois frères, le retour, 9 years later, had more modest success, with 2,240,876 million admissions in 2014.

Magali Rangin and Claire Fleury

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