“Die Flippers” soon at Rock am Ring? Olaf Malolepski enthusiastic about the idea

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“Die Flippers” soon at Rock am Ring?  Olaf Malolepski enthusiastic about the idea
“Die Flippers” could soon be performing at Rock am Ring. Former band member Olaf Malolepski is already enthusiastic about the idea. (Photomontage) © IMAGO/Marc John & IMAGO/Tinkeres

The Flippers could be making their debut as a rock band soon, when they perform at Rock am Ring next year. The fans are now demanding the appearance of the cult pop band at the rock festival!

This year at “Rock am Ring” the song “We say thank you” by the Flippers held by the fan community. The hit was chosen as the unofficial fan anthem at this year’s festival. But now the rock fans are going one step further. A fan named Alexander Durovic started a petition for the flippers. They are scheduled to perform at “Rock am Ring” in 2023.

Over a thousand people have already signed the petition. You can also hear more from the flippers now. Olaf the pinball, a former member of the pinball club and now a solo artist, is excited about the idea. True to the motto “music connects”, as he says, he doesn’t rule out an appearance at the rock festival. He says that if he should get an official invitation from the promoter, he would be ready to perform at “Rock am Ring” in 2023

Rock am Ring 2022

The festival has now been held at the Nürburgring for 40 years. The organizers of Rock am Ring 2022 would like to thank 90,000 fans on their website. The festival was sold out this year. Among those present were the Eurovision winners Måneskin, Skooter and Green Day. If the fans of this year’s festival had their way, “Die Flippers” would also be on stage next to the rock stars next year.